Tips for Making a Small Space Feel Large

Tips for Making a Small Space Feel Large

Tips for Making a Small Space Feel Large

Homes come in all different sizes. Very often, first homes can be small in scale, or what they call “cozy” in the real estate world. While living in a small space can pose a challenge, it also offers many rewards. Living in a small space can actually teach homeowners about making efficient use of space, getting creative and decorating a home. You know you have succeeded when your small space begins to feel large.

Some people prefer small spaces. If you are organized, it can leave more time to enjoy life and your time at home, as opposed to time spent maintaining your home. Some may move on to buy a larger home and mortgage when the time is right, but the experience and wisdom of what they learned living small will serve them well in a bigger home.

Maintenance and Clutter

When it comes to living in less space, a few rules apply for upkeep. The smaller a space is, the more important it is to keep it clean and clear of clutter. This is because you have less room to work with, so you need to be more vigilant about maintaining the space. The less you have in any space, the bigger it will feel.

Bring in the Light

The more natural light you can bring into a small home through its windows, the larger it will feel. So, don’t cover the windows up with dense coverings – leave them as bare as possible. Also, keep your paint and furniture choices light and neutral for a more expansive appearance.

Go Low and Use All the Space

From floor to ceiling, smaller spaces beg to be utilized differently to show what they have to offer, efficiently. Placing lighting fixtures in the ceiling can save valuable floor space. In a low-ceilinged room, maximize the floor space using large cushions and low tables to open up a space and make the ceiling appear higher. This will also expose more wall space for artwork or shelving.

Small Doesn’t Have to Sacrifice Style

While you would not want to have a small home full of large-scale furniture, it doesn’t mean you cannot have a couple of core pieces that are full size. Small homes can be just as stylish as larger homes. Items like a couch or dining table, or even a large bed, are fixture pieces that get a lot of use. You can go large with them and smaller with surrounding pieces. Choose a focus piece first and then let your decor flow from there.

Creative Storage

Living in a small space definitely calls for creative storage. Cabinetry can hide a washer and dryer, papers, toys and other items making for a sleek and clean appearance. In the kitchen, open shelving instead of too many dense cabinets can lighten up the kitchen and show off beautiful dish and glassware. Furniture that is hollow, such as a bench, is a great place to store things. Units with open sections can serve the same purpose but call attention to items such as artwork. Baskets are beneficial for many items and can provide whimsical and space-conserving vertical storage.

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