Five Budget-Friendly Outdoor Decor Ideas for Spring  

After being cooped up inside for the cold winter months, is the outdoors beckoning to you? But when you look at your front and back porch do you find them lacking atmosphere and charm? Turn your front and back porches and decks into entertaining, relaxing spaces to unwind and enjoy with friends and family. We have some great ideas for DIY decorating on your porches, and the best news is that they are all budget-friendly.

Keep your money in your pocket but don’t sacrifice warm-weather style by putting in a little effort and imagination with these porch decor ideas.

Revive, Repurpose, and Re-Use

The best way to start on your porch projects is by looking at what you already own in terms of spring decor. Vases, planters, rugs, furniture, and tables can all be cleaned off and used again this year in a fresh new way. Clean any rugs and welcome mats that may have not fared well during winter. Add items you find in the storage shed or garage like an old ladder or washtub to the mix to create interest and add functionality in the space. Finally, look through your closets to see if there are any all-weather pieces of decor that would add charm and dimension to your outdoor areas.

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Once you have “shopped” what you already own, dig out your paint brush and…

Paint It Up

It’s astonishing the effect a coat of paint can have on walls, floors, or pieces of furniture. Take a fresh coat of paint to all your trim, porch railings, and banisters. Sand and spray paint a rusty side table to make it a showpiece. Wicker furniture can look completely different with a new coat of paint. Brush a bright color on your steps or on your front door for an extra dose of whimsy and fun. Turn drab planters and vases into an array of colorful flowerpots. Be sure to paint all your light fixtures to make them sparkle. And, if it’s not painted already, paint your porch’s ceiling “haint” blue to keep spirits at bay (it’s a Southern thing!).

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Design with Plants

Nothing brings new life to an old space like living plants. No matter the size of your porch, there’s a plant that will make it seem more inviting and vibrant. Try an arrangement of succulents on a side table in small, brightly painted pots. Instead of setting plants on the ground, use some strategically placed hooks and hang them from the ceiling to draw the eye upwards and make your space seem more open. Use wire planters and your DIY skills to create an interesting, appealing visual with either succulents or vines. Finally, create flowering container gardens in old pots you have lying around. Use three types of plants, one to fill the pot, one to spill over the pot, and a blooming plant to thrill you and your guests.

Dress It Up with A Wreath

Front porch summer decor isn’t complete until you adorn the front door with a beautiful wreath. While you may have had sticker shock if you have tried purchasing one, there’s no reason you can’t create a lovely unique wreath yourself. Begin with a plain wreath, add your favorite flowers, tie some ribbon, and ta-da, your wreath is now a perfect addition. Get even more creative and add some mini garden tools, summer fruit, or even flip-flops. Instead of a traditional wreath, think about using a straw hat as the centerpiece. Whatever you decide, the piece is sure to be the finishing touch your porch needs.

Find A New Place for It All

You can create an entirely new vibe by simply turning a rug a different direction. Set some furniture on the other side of the door. Hang some candles that used to sit on the tables. Change up the seating pattern. Turn large planters upside down and use them as tables. Again, your imagination will lead you to create a space that’s original and interesting.

Breathing new life into your porch this summer can be fun and budget-friendly if you don’t mind a little creativity and DIY inspiration. Start on your projects now and you will be able to sit back and enjoy your freshened-up space as soon as the warm weather rolls in.