Autumnal or Spooky? Decorate Your Porch with These Fun Seasonal Activities

Autumnal or Spooky? Decorate Your Porch with These Fun Seasonal Activities

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Do you want your porch to be a place that’s cozy, inviting, and comforting? Or do you want to flat-out scare the pants off your neighbors? Whether your porch-decorating style is warm and snuggly or creepy and spooky, we have all the tips you need to create your dream space this fall. 

Pick A Theme

Making your porch’s decor cohesive means deciding what kind of atmosphere you’re aiming for before you start. Do you want richness and luxury? Or retro and kooky? Think about the style you like in your indoor spaces, but don’t limit yourself to those. You can stretch your imagination and go further afield of your regular preferences in an outdoor space.

  • Autumnal: Choose a hayride or a fall harvest theme. You may also decide to go for farmhouse fall, or a cozy woodsy theme. All of these leave you a wide variety of decor to choose from that will make your porch appealing and unique.
  • Spooky: Raid your closets for some fun Halloween decorations and use them to transform your porch into a scary lair of terror! You may want to make it a witch’s den, a creepy cemetery, a haven for ghosts, or a dark and ominous funeral parlor. 

Choose Your Colors

Outside decor doesn’t need to be as cohesive as inside, but your look will pack more of a punch if you use complementing colors. Take stock of what you already have on your porch, and build from there.

  • Autumnal: Fall gives us tons of beautiful colors like deep brown, pine green, golden yellow, and rich red and orange. All these hues can be balanced with either black or ivory to form an inviting, but not overwhelming, palette of autumn colors. Choose three or four of these and you will undoubtedly have a porch with curb appeal off the charts.
  • Spooky: Nothing says scary more than black, and you should plan on using it if you’re going to create a creepy space that is noteworthy. Break it up with a blend of red or orange, and you may even add a pop of purple or green to enhance the entire space. 

Mix and Match

Now that you’ve decided on the broad idea of your porch decor, it’s time to put it together. Don’t try to be too matchy-matchy. A look that’s yours alone will come from mixing what you already have available, what you can DIY as a craft project, and what you can purchase.

  • Autumnal: Celebrate fall with pumpkins, of course! Other fun ideas are incorporating hay bales, gourds, garlands made of leaves, and tin washtubs. Make some unique fall crafts to add to the decor. Add some baskets, pots of mums and a wreath on the door, and you’re well on your way to the most stylish porch in your neighborhood.
  • Spooky: You can take more of a creative license as long as you achieve your goals. A “Do Not Enter” sign is a fun touch. A large bouquet of witch’s brooms, carved jack-o-lanterns, hanging skeletons and ghosts, plenty of cobwebs, and large black cauldrons are all fantastic props that makes your porch creepily cool. Witch hats, or just a pair of legs, can add to the ambiance nicely. 

Get Your Lighting Right

Your lighting can make or break your chosen theme, so you need to give it lots of thought. A bright, soulless porch light is NOT the answer. With so many options, you’re sure to choose one that shows off your great ideas while not breaking the bank.

  • Autumnal: Look for some rustic lanterns to set around for low, flattering light. Another option is stringing lights up around your porch to create an intimate, cozy space.
  • Spooky: Strategically setting lights behind skeleton heads, underneath hanging witch hats, and inside jack-o-lanterns help show off your focal points. Other creepy options are to wrap small lights around a skeleton to “outline” its shape after dark, or to set out large black lanterns with red light bulbs in them. There are many ways to use lighting to showcase your porch.

Autumn opens up possibilities for decor that’s not available with any other season. Decide how you want to create your outdoor space, and find the ideas that work together to create your vision. Whether it’s relaxing or terrifying, it’s sure to be a look that’s uniquely yours.

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