2022 Department Highlight: Loan Officers & Loan Officer Assistants

2022 Department Highlight: Loan Officers & Loan Officer Assistants

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Each year, Mortgage Investors Group helps thousands of homebuyers select the home loan program best suited to their needs. Yet, few people outside of the mortgage lending industry understand the hard work happening behind the scenes that leads up to the memorable day when the borrower receives the keys to his or her new home. To commemorate National Mortgage Professionals Month this September, we’re sharing insights into the important roles each department plays in ensuring our borrowers are able to finance the home of their dreams. This week, we focus on our Loan Officers and Loan Officer Assistants.

Your loan officer is your co-pilot. He/she is the person guiding you to the finish line, helping you choose the right loan, proper loan terms, and providing the proper documentation to clear underwriting.

Your loan officer is the person you will communicate with the most and will go to whatever is necessary to help you hold that trophy over your head because you won and were able to close on your loan.

  The Loan Officer’s Job

Loan officers help you from the moment you first call MIG inquiring about our loan programs. They help you get pre-qualified, pre-approved, and eventually final approved to close on your loan.

The loan officer gets to know you and your financial situation to determine what you can afford and how the loan will affect you 10, 20, and 30 years down the road. Your loan officer is your GPS as you navigate the loan process, telling you what documents you may need. They even anticipate and solve problems before they get to you, so your car is the first to the finish line in the race to homeownership.

Your loan officer keeps track of deadlines, communicates with you early on to ensure you provide the necessary documentation and alerts you of any potential roadblocks and how to handle them.

  The Loan Officer Team at MIG

The loan officer team at MIG cares about every borrower that we help. We know how overwhelming the home buying process can be, so our loan officers try to make it as easy as possible for you.

We provide in-person service, developing relationships with our borrowers that last through the loan process and beyond.

Our loan officers have access to the most advanced technology, allowing them to get a borrower approved without any paperwork. They can collect and validate income, assets, and employment electronically, moving the process along faster but without losing that human touch that borrowing a mortgage requires.

Each loan officer is licensed in the state where they work, and some hold licenses in multiple states. Our loan officers also have loan officer assistance, who are also licensed, even though it’s not required by law. We take that extra step to ensure every borrower has the utmost care when taking out a mortgage.

Our loan officer team is one of the best in the country. You can trust any loan officer you talk to from MIG to have your back from start to finish. You couldn’t ask for a better co-pilot in your race to homeownership!