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Terre Webb
Branch Manager

Terre Webb

  • NMLS Unique Identifier # 157084
  • GA Lic. # 25468
  • TN Lic. # 105907

About Me

I was born on November 23, year undetermined, in Heidleberg, Germany. When I was two we moved back to the United States. Unfortunately, I looked a bit like a boy and “boy” was listed on my passport. When I turned 18 I was drafted. Since I was able to prove that I am a girl I did not have to serve my country.

I got in the mortgage business in 1978 when my dad lost his job and I moved back home to Chicago. I applied for a job as an assistant loan closing officer. I didn’t know what that was but it sounded like a cool title. I typed 23 words per minute with 11 mistakes on my typing test, but was hired because “he liked my Southern accent.” The rest is history. I processed for 6 years, ran a small brokerage for 6 years and have been with MIG for 16+ years minus 4 months at Countrywide in late 1997 to April 15, 1998. I am assured a place in heaven as I am pretty sure I have already been to the other place.

I love working at Mortgage Investors Group. In the 3- 4 hours a week that I am not sleeping or working, I do take an art class. I am learning to draw and to paint and hope that one day when I am 80 and retire I will become a world famous artist and the next Erma Bombeck.

Awards / Recognition
I have received an MBA production award every year since 1999- Got manager of the year 2 years for MIG back when we got awards.
My greatest accomplishments are my two fantastic daughters and 4 wonderful grandsons!
Building an awesome team in Chattanooga!

What is an unknown fact about you?
I played football in high school and I am terrified of heights.

If you were not a loan officer, what would you be?
Probably a ballerina- I have the figure and grace to do it!

What is playing right now in your ipod / iphone / Pandora / tape player / CD Player / 8 Track Player?
Nothing- What about my record player? Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog



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