Moving on a Budget? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Work!

Moving is nobody’s idea of fun. Without a plan, it can be a real pain for everyone involved. This is especially true if money’s tight. Here are some valuable tips on how to move without losing your mind, even if you’re on a strict budget.

Navigate these tips as you’re going through your mortgage closing process, so you’ll be ready when the day arrives.

Get Rid of Some Stuff

It makes no sense to move items you don’t like or no longer use. Several weeks before your move, go through every room, closet and drawer and make piles to keep, donate, throw away and sell.


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Have a Yard Sale

Now that you have your “sell” pile, cover some of your moving expenses by having a yard sale. Either put up signs and have it in your yard or use one of the online sites to offload some of your things. If you have stuff left over, donate it to charity.

Get Quotes from Multiple Movers

Using a moving company can take the stress off you, but you pay for it. Talk with at least three movers and explain exactly what you need them to do. Compare their quotes to see if you can afford to use them instead of moving everything yourself.

Shop Around for Moving Trucks

If you’re handling the move on your own, get quotes from different moving truck companies. Don’t rent a larger truck than you need, as that’s just throwing money away. You can also consider packing your vehicle to cut down on the amount of stuff that goes into the rental.

Avoid Moving During the Busy Season

If possible, don’t move during the summer. That’s when movers are the busiest and prices are highest. Opt to move during  late fall, winter, or early spring if you want the best savings.

Be Flexible on Your Moving Date

Saturdays are the most popular moving day, making it the most expensive time to get movers and rent trucks. If you can move during the week, do it. Also consider several different moving days to see if one of them is less expensive than the others.

Find Free Boxes

Don’t pay a small fortune for the dozens of boxes you’ll need for your move. Call your local grocery and liquor stores to see if they will give you some of their inventory boxes. Plus, recycling helps out the planet.

Ask Loved Ones for Help

Call in some favors and get your best buddies and closest cousins to help you pack and move. Even one evening of free labor can end up saving you money on your move.

These ideas will help you shave hundreds of dollars off your moving expenses and keep you from stressing out about busting your budget.

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