Clever Hacks that Give New Life to Household Junk  

There are plenty of ways to transform junk into useful items that will improve your life and make your home look better. Here are some creative DIY ideas you might want to consider that will cut back on clutter and help you avoid spending money on items that can, with a little time and ingenuity, be made at home.

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Planting Pots

Old tin cans, plastic bottles, glass jars and a host of other containers can be easily transformed into planting pots for flowers, herbs or succulents. Do a bit of research to find out where your plants will grow best, fill the containers with dirt and then plant the seeds or sprouts of your choice. Old egg cartons are great if you need to sprout your plants before placing them in a larger container.

Creative Jewelry Storage and Display

There are a number of old, seemingly useless items that can be turned into a handy jewelry display to keep your earrings, bracelets and necklaces organized. Put your bracelets around a few empty glass bottles to keep the bracelets in good shape and ensure they are easy to find when needed. Alternatively, you can run some wire through an old wooden picture frame to make a creative jewelry display shelf that can be hung on the wall or placed on a bedroom table or bookshelf.

Make a Bird Bath

Making a DIY bird bath is one of the many life hacks that benefits both you and your feathered friends. If you want to make a simple bird bath with your kids, use an old plastic bottle of just about any size. It can be hung off a tree or nailed to an outside wall. Those who want something more aesthetic can use cracked or broken planters and plates to create a bird bath that can be set just about anywhere in the front or back yard. Stack the planters on top of each other, paint them any design you would like and then glue a broken plate on top for seeds and nuts.

Transform Broken Jewelry

We all have broken jewelry in drawers and at the bottom of the jewelry box. It is easy to give new life to those random pieces of your once-treasured items. You may need some jewelry tools, like wire, hot glue and small pliers to help string together beads or repair necklace chains. You can easily create something new with the pieces you have using earrings that are no longer in pairs, charms from a broken bracelet, or pins from bright pieces of costume jewelry. Fill your jewelry box or give your new creations as gifts. Adding a magnet to the back of a broken broach is also a quick and easy way to make something useful from your favorite items.

Storage for Pots and Pans

Would you consider hanging a bicycle wheel in your kitchen? You should! If you have an old kids bike, or a bike in the garage that you just don’t use any longer, it can easily become a useful kitchen-storage item. Because wheels are the perfect size and shape, you can hang one above your stove or on your kitchen ceiling to hold your pots and pans. All you need are some hooks for hanging the pans, and possibly some paint if you want to get creative, and you have a clever and easy access to your cookware. And, now you have a little more space in the garage!

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