How to Decorate with Feng Shui Like A Pro

How to Decorate with Feng Shui Like A Pro

How to Decorate with Feng Shui Like A Pro

Homeowners want to feel supported, renewed, comforted and energized in their space. Feng shui is a key element in design that increases well-being and promotes good health.

Many people have heard of feng shui but don’t understand how it works. It is basically the art of placement, and how the items that are in your space affect your life force. Use feng shui in your home to create an environment that supports the energy of each space.

Here are seven tips to decorate with feng shui like a pro.

Clear the Old Energy Out

Getting rid of old, negative energy is the first step to increasing your home’s chi. Open every window and door and turn on your ceiling fans to move the old air out of the space. Take your pillows, blankets, and rugs outside and shake them out thoroughly. Then burn some incense or sage to cleanse each room. Salt the corners of every room to remove former owners’ negative energy. Leave it for a couple of days and then sweep or vacuum it up.

How to Decorate with Feng Shui Like A Pro

Feng Shui Your Bed

We spend much of our lives in our beds, so it’s vital to recharge and energize ourselves during that time. Place your headboard against a wall for support, not against a window. The bed needs to be approachable from both sides. Invest in the highest-quality mattress you can afford and purchase high-thread-count sheets. Allow chi energy to circulate throughout your bedroom by raising your bed off the floor several inches. Don’t line your bed up to the door nor face it toward a mirror, as both actions work against you and deplete the room’s energy.

Create Good Feng Shui in the Main Entrance

Start at the entryway of your home, as a strong front door attracts chi energy. Oil the door if it sticks as it needs to open easily. Decorating the entrance properly helps ground the energy that comes into it and guide it through the rest of your home. Use a bold color on your front door, and add a grounding piece just inside, such as a table or colorful rug. Even a beautiful piece of wall decor or a stylish lamp will serve to welcome the positive energy into your space. Avoid mirrors that face the door and remove anything that is an obstacle to entering through the door.

Incorporate Colors to Increase Feng Shui

Color is a powerful part of feng shui and needs to be given careful thought during your interior design planning. Choose the hues of your spaces based on the energy you want to create. Colors are representative of the five elements of feng shui; fire, water, wood, metal, and earth. For livelier, more energetic spaces, use vibrant fire colors like strong yellow, orange, and red. For comforting spaces, use more muted earth tones like beiges. The wood element promotes vitality in plant colors like brown and green.

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Remove Your Clutter

Too many things sitting around the house confuse and can completely block the energy. Make a place for the items that are important to you, and store, donate, or throw away the rest. Look through your closets and purge what you don’t use or like, what is broken, or what no longer brings you joy. Avoid throwing mail and other clutter on tables and piling things up where they don’t belong. Promote the space’s chi while you’re de-cluttering by opening the windows to bring in lots of light and air.

How to Decorate with Feng Shui Like A Pro

Create High-Quality Air and Light

Eliminate negative energy and promote a positive life force with air and light. Open your windows as often as you can, and keep your blinds and curtains open as much as possible. Buy some live plants and place in your spaces to help clean the air and purchase an air purifier. Supplement natural light with lighting that isn’t harsh but warm and inviting. Use lamps with dimmer switches to control the amount of lighting based on the energy you want to promote.

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Invest in Feng Shui Home Decor

Being successful with interior decorating demands choosing the best pieces that promote chi. Small additions like a table fountain and an aromatherapy diffuser that you can use with pleasing essential oils offer big benefits. Use mirrors to increase the impact of natural light, just don’t face them towards the front door or have them reflect your bed. Candles, a fire element, add vitality to a space, especially in the center of your home. And finally, a Buddha statue or piece of art adds to the calmness and serenity of your home.

Decorating with feng shui and increasing your home’s chi doesn’t require a complete home renovation. You probably already own several items that will be beneficial to your mission. Minimizing clutter and sweeping old, negative energy out are the first steps. Then, with a little investment of time and money, you can create a house that nurtures your energy and increases your health and vitality.


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