Eight Easy Ways Homeowners Can Create a Welcoming Entryway

Eight Easy Ways Homeowners Can Create a Welcoming Entryway

Eight Easy Ways Homeowners Can Create a Welcoming Entryway

Your home’s entryway should be like a smile: welcoming, genuine, and warm. Greet family and visitors with an entryway that makes them feel at home the minute they step inside. You don’t sacrifice comfort and functionality for style and beauty. Make your home’s entryway both impressive and functional with these thoughtful tips.

Create a Transitional Space

Those who enter your home need an easy transition to the indoors. The best way to do this is by bringing outdoor elements in. Use green plants in pots either on the floor or on a table. Add wood touches with furniture and picture frames. Arrange a bowl of pinecones in a pretty bowl on a table, or buy a small box made of stone and set it close to the door.

Use Color Cleverly

Many of the entryways we see are boring, cold, and bland. Step away from white and ivory tones! Choose from the hues you’ve used in other rooms of your home and blend them to build an entryway that’s as inviting as your kitchen or living room.

Even if your walls and floors are neutral, choose accessories to add pops of color to your entryway. Rugs and wall art with beautiful tones of reds, blues, golds, and greens add warmth and dimension to your space. Bright vases of flowers, pretty planters, and candlesticks are other ways to bring color to your entryway in small bursts. The effect will be a unique nod to your personal taste and style.

Implement Lighting Strategically

Entryways that are blazingly bright or depressingly dark lack a welcoming vibe. Consider your light fixtures carefully and choose ones that add to the look you’re aiming for. Hanging glass and metal fixtures give a classic, sophisticated feel, while more ornate fixtures add a glamorous touch. Wood is a wonderful option, too, for a cozy look and to continue the theme of bringing the outside in.

You might want to use multiple light fixtures to add an architectural dimension to the entryway. Just remember to use soft lighting, preferably with a dimmer switch, and always replace burned out bulbs immediately.

Another charming lighting idea is to place a unique lamp on a table close to the door, adding a more subtle source of light in your entryway.

Choose the Right Furniture

Pieces that are too bulky or big make your entryway look cluttered and closed off. Avoid this by measuring any new furniture and adopting the “less is more” approach. Unless your space is extremely large, opt for nothing more than a small side table or bench, a planter or two, and a piece you can use for storage (which we’ll talk about later). Leave a wide space for visitors to remove their coats, greet each other, and walk through comfortably.

Find Complimentary Floor Coverings

Deciding on flooring is a big part of any successful interior design. Entryways need to be pathways to other areas of the home while keeping their own identity. A simple idea is to buy a richly patterned runner in the colors you’re using in the area. Rugs are pretty and add another layer of decor to the space, and they’re also functional. They keep wear and tear off your main floors and decrease the amount of dirt that people track all over your home.

If you don’t choose runners, put a small, thick rug just inside the door to welcome visitors.

Hang Wall Decor

Entryways may be smaller than most spaces in your home, which is why “vertical decorating” is so important. Framed art, canvases, sconces, mirrors, and other wall accessories are key to finishing off a look that is welcoming and warm. Use bold colors and a mix of metals, cloth, and wood that is cohesive with your other entryway decor. Choose wisely and your wall accessories may be the first point of interest that wows your visitors when they enter your home.

Personalize It to Your Family

While interior design and high-end home decor are lovely, it is your home, after all. Throw some personality into your design by showcasing personal elements in your entryway. Frame a few photos from your last vacation. Use photos of your wedding, your children, or your pets. Set out a piece of pottery you’ve collected, a piece of memorabilia from your family’s favorite sports team, or books that you enjoy. By sharing some personality, you add a sense of authenticity to the space that will quickly put visitors at ease.

Don’t Forget Storage

Entryways can be a catch-all for everyone’s stuff when they walk through the door. Add some storage elements to keep your entryway from getting overrun with clutter. A table with drawers to store your handbag, a storage bench for shoes, and a coat rack are all essential. Purchase some whimsical hooks and add them to your walls to hang keys, leashes, and other items that you use often.

A welcoming entryway sets the tone for visitors in your home to feel warm and comfortable. You don’t have to do a big renovation or spend tons of money to create a wonderful space. Use these tips to increase your entryway’s appeal, personality, and functionality, and it will be as lovely and inviting as your other rooms.



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