Bring Luck into Your Home for St. Patrick’s Day

Bring Luck into Your Home for St. Patrick’s Day

Bring Luck into Your Home for St. Patrick’s Day

While few of us probably think we’re ever going to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we would all welcome a little luck into our worlds. You don’t need to sit around waiting on a leprechaun or throw salt over your shoulder. You can create your own luck by adding some whimsical, and dare we say magical, items into your home’s decor.

Paint Your Front Door

You don’t want luck to be unable to find you, so you need to take steps outside your home as well as in. Painting your door red or orange attracts positive energy into your home and is said to bring those who live there good luck.

… And Your Front Porch Ceiling

Do you know what a “haint” is? It’s a Southern term for a spirit or ghost. Ward them off by painting your front porch ceiling blue. Think we’re preposterous? Sherwin Williams has even named one of their pale blue hues “Haint Blue” to honor the tradition.

Add Some Blooms

Flowers are believed to bring good luck in a variety of ways depending on the ones you choose. For example, peonies are said to bring riches, honor, and good fortune. Are you single? Peach blossoms are said to awaken romantic luck. Purple hydrangeas, either inside the home or out, represent prosperity and abundance. Put a vase of your favorites together and set it in your living room or kitchen, and plant a few of them in your front yard for good measure.

Manage Your Mirrors

Mirror placement is vital in inviting positivity into your home and increasing your luck. Hang a mirror in the dining room but avoid having mirrors in the kitchen. They are also good in hallways and stair landings to help widen the space. Another great way to hang mirrors is to put one on an opposite wall from a window, creating more light and a happier atmosphere in the room.

Burn Some Incense

Incense has been used for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years to clear negative energy from indoor spaces. Cleanse your home of bad vibes by burning some regularly. You’ll enjoy a side benefit of enjoying the scent and becoming more relaxed and less stressed. Pick scents you enjoy like sandalwood, lavender, and jasmine.

Place Gems Around Your Home

Certain gemstones are believed to give off energy and vibrations that are lucky to those around them. Peridot is one of them, as it’s said to be the “money” stone. It’s supposed to attract wealth and open your heart. Garnets are supposed to bring good energy and block out the bad, increasing your financial success. A tiger’s eye draws wealth and helps you make good decisions. Rose quartz is closely aligned with the heart chakra and attracts love to you. Add these to your house in a small bowl or wrap them in wire and hang them from a doorknob, or glue them in the corners of a picture frame.

Make Room for Bamboo

A bamboo plant is one of the most well-known feng shui recommendations to increase your luck. Plant a few in colorful pots and show them off on your end tables or in the middle of your kitchen table to bring your home good fortune.

Ramp Up Your Red

This bold color is a magnet for prosperity. Add it here and there in your home to increase your luck. A beautiful vase, a fluffy pillow, some candles, or a rug are all great ways to incorporate red, and luck, into your living space. Add it to several rooms to get the biggest effect.

Collect Some Acorns

The mighty oak has been admired for many years, and acorns are a small, realistic way to bring the massive tree’s power into your home. Pick up some acorns and put them in a bowl close to your entryway, or add a few to one of your windowsills to benefit from their positive energy.

Display a Horseshoe

A traditional sign of good luck, a horseshoe over your doorway offers luck to all who enter. Place it with the opening downward, so luck can flow out of it to everyone who passes under it.

If you’re the type to believe that hard work makes your own luck, you may be correct. However, does it hurt to hedge your bets and add a few of these ideas into your living space? If nothing else, they will brighten up your rooms and add some new energy to your atmosphere. Try them and see!


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