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If you’re searching for a mortgage lender, Mortgage Investors Group has you covered. We take pride in getting our customers into the homes of their dreams.

MIG enjoys a reputation for delivering unparalleled service to homebuyers. Our experienced mortgage experts take pride in providing personalized service aimed at helping borrowers find the best solution for their home financing needs when they need it.

In addition to offering competitive rates and a diversified line of residential mortgage products, including government and conventional loans, MIG houses on-site underwriting, processing and appraisal services, and employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure a swift and professional lending experience.

Our Loan Programs in Crescent Beach, SC

One of the most important financial decisions you will ever make is purchasing a home. That’s why we are committed to making your home-buying experience a pleasurable one. Mortgage Investors Group understands there are a lot of choices when it comes to financing the purchase of a new home or refinancing an existing one.

Our licensed and experienced loan officers are here to help you gain a better understanding of those options and answer your questions about the loan process, qualifying and the different features of each loan program. We offer everything from conventional mortgages to government loans.

We invite you to read about each type of program and then contact MIG’s trusted advisers so they can guide you through the program that’s best for you and your family.

Home Loan Programs

FHA Loans in Crescent Beach, SC

The FHA loan program is one of the most popular mortgage programs in the United States. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) does not lend money, but insures...

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FHA Jumbo Loans in Crescent Beach, SC

FHA loans are popular among low- and middle-income borrowers in Crescent Beach, SC, but many are surprised to learn the FHA also insures large loans...

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FHA Streamline Refinance in Crescent Beach, SC

If you have an FHA mortgage, the FHA Streamline Refinance program is the fastest and easiest way to refinance your loan. Unlike most refinance loans...

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VA Loan in Crescent Beach, SC

VA loans through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs are available to qualified veterans and military members. The VA does not make loans, but insures loans made by lenders to veterans...

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Reverse Mortgages in Crescent Beach, SC

A reverse mortgage is a unique type of loan that is available to homeowners who are at least 62 years old. A reverse mortgage allows homeowners to access their equity and turn it into cash...

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Reverse Purchase Mortgages in Crescent Beach, SC

Many seniors use reverse mortgages to access the equity in their home, but recent legislation by the FHA now allows seniors to use this loan option for a home they do not yet own...

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Down Payment Assistance Loans in Crescent Beach, SC

For many borrowers, particularly first-time buyers, the down payment and cash for closing costs is the greatest obstacle to buying a home in Crescent Beach, SC...

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HARP Mortgages in Crescent Beach, SC

The Home Affordable Refinance Program, or HARP, is a federal program to assist homeowners in Crescent Beach, SC with refinancing their home loan to a lower interest rate...

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USDA Home Loans in Crescent Beach, SC

You may be eligible for a no down payment loan through the USDA home loan program if you meet income guidelines and buy in a designated rural area.

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Conventional Loans in Crescent Beach, SC

When you apply for a home loan, you have the option of choosing between a government-backed mortgage, like an FHA loan or a conventional mortgage...

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Jumbo Loans in Crescent Beach, SC

The limit in most U.S. counties is $417,000 for a single-family home, but many high-cost areas have a conforming loan limit of $625,500.

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Fixed-rate Mortgages in Crescent Beach, SC

There are many types of home loans, although fixed-rate loans remain the most popular option for homebuyers in Crescent Beach, SC. Most fixed loans have a 15-year or 30-year term...

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ARMS in Crescent Beach, SC

An adjustable-rate mortgage is also called an ARM; it is a popular type of mortgage with an introductory interest rate that will last for a specific period of time before resetting...

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Refinancing in Crescent Beach, SC

When you refinance a loan, you pay off your existing home loan and replace it with a new one, or combine a first and second mortgage into a single new loan...

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First-time Buyer Programs in Crescent Beach, SC

First-time homebuyers, in particular, find it challenging to come up with their down payment and closing costs. This does not mean homeownership is unattainable...

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Assumable Loans in Crescent Beach, SC

An assumable mortgage is one that a buyer can take over, or assume, from the seller. This is typically an involved process and it is not necessarily possible...

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Home Court Advantage in Crescent Beach, SC

This Program is designed to help home buyers affordably achieve the dream of homeownership by giving you the Home Court Advantage...

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Mortgage Investors Group, based in Tennessee, offers residential financing in a number of states in the southeast, See MIG Service Areas. Terms and conditions to apply to home financing. We want to share with you the loan terms vary based on several characteristics and your financial profile. These include but are not limited to loan program, loan purpose, occupancy, credit history, credit score, assets, and other criteria per loan type. The repayment terms and interest rate may vary from time to time. The terms represented here are based on certain assumptions outlined below and/or noted on the loan outline page. Additional details concerning privacy, program disclosures, licensing specifics may be found at Legal Information.

MIG Loan Officers will help gather the information needed for an individual assessment to provide home financing which matches the loan characteristics with your home financing needs based on your financial profile, when you are ready to begin a full loan application. For estimates and general information before that step, the basis for which the mortgage financing information are as follows:
  • Rates are subject to change at any time.
  • Rate locks are available at current terms for 30 to 180 days based on program type, credit profile, property location, etc. which will affect the available rate and term.
  • Payments will vary based on program selection, current rates, property location, etc.
  • Not all programs are available in all states.
  • Some loan programs may not be available to first time home buyers.
  • Terms and conditions apply, which may include restrictions or limits per loan program.
  • Information is generally based on primary residence occupancy with no cash out when refinancing.
  • Unless otherwise stated, terms shown are estimates based in part on credit score of 700 or higher; owner occupancy, escrow account is established for taxes and insurance(s); debt-to-income ratio no higher than 43.0%; PMI applies to conventional loan programs over 80.0% LTV; VA,FHA & RD require insuring fees included in loan and/or payment; fixed rate, 30 year term.

An MIG Loan Officer is available to help with your financial details to determine which characteristics apply to your situation for a personalized look into which loan program best fits your home financing needs. Please use the Find a Loan Officer link or reach out to Mortgage Investors Group at 800-489-8910. Equal Housing Lender 1.2020